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Google Gives Investors The Edge In Stock Predictions

Investors are continually looking for anything that will help them deliver profits in a world of low yields and poor interest rates and the answer might be…Google. Three academics have carried out a study and they say that Google may be able to predict the stock market’s ups and downs. The trio say that by […]

Yo-Yo Real Estate Returns Make LifeTough For Investors

Finding quality commercial real estate is becoming more difficult for investors around the world because of the diverging performances of the sector. With a changing landscape of flows and yields, one real estate expert says there are still profitable opportunities to be had but caution had to be exercised. Anne Breen, of fund manager Standard […]

Commodity Slump May Have a Silver Lining

Metal and mineral commodities are one of the few sectors not to have been affected by the global slowdown because China helped fuel massive demand. But now China’s own growth is slowing from double-digit GDP figures and with it the prices for commodities are being forced downwards too – except for silver that is riding […]

Orlando Booms With Soar Away Home Sales

Orlando, Florida, is not only home to Disney World but also a booming property market with property sales up 25% in the past year. Sellers are finding that their homes are on the market for less time too. The average time for a property to be on sale has dropped from 106 days last year […]

Investors Miss a Trick by Picking Wrong Stocks

Whether you want to build your portfolio for income or investment, finding the right strategy is becoming increasingly difficult when interest rates remain low and stock markets are volatile. This means that many investors who had not previously been willing to take a risk with their savings are now taking a fresh look at how […]

Dubai Property Sales Hit £14 Billion

Property and land sales in Dubai hit a total of £14 billion in the first nine months of the year, according to the latest official figures. Almost 27,500 transactions were recorded by the Dubai Land Department at the rate of around 150 a day. Many of the increasing number of sales were to property investors […]

Irish buy to let debts will never be repaid

Buy to let landlords in Ireland face wholesale repossessions as mortgage arrears spiral out of control. Banks have been urged to have courage and act against landlords in debt by Fiona Muldoon, a director of Ireland’s central bank. She criticised banks, indicating that a ‘wait and see’ approach has become the strategy of choice in […]

Junk Bonds – an Investor’s Guide

A bond is really an IOU that confirms you have lent a sum of money to someone else due for repayment with interest. Whether the bond is issued by a government, financial institution or a company does not really matter, they still work the same way. To an investor, the bond rating is the key […]

Emerging Markets – Reasons For Investing

Like it or not, most investors have exposure to emerging markets through their portfolios – from global equity portfolios or investing in companies that take profits from these markets. Emerging markets is also a broader term than BRICS – the traditional Brazil, Russia, India and China markets. Emerging now includes several Latin American and South […]

Where the wealthy are buying luxury property

As estate agents report a swelling number of million pound plus homes changing hands across the world, who are the buyers and what are they buying? These ultra wealthy property investors are entrepreneurs and celebrities who have made their money in emerging economies, like China, India, Malaysia, Brazil, Mexico and Russia. To a lesser extent, […]